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We are a herbal oasis company for herbs and spices, working in the field of export, processing, production and manufacture of a wide range of raw materials and food additives to support the needs of the herbal and spice industry.
With careful attention to the choice of high quality products under modern production technology.
Managed by a team of experienced and experienced food industry for over 14 years, we want to start a long-term cooperation and business with your esteemed company


We are a committed, focused and proactive company with every term


Fast shipping, safe and healthy products, assemble quality regulation conditions


All required specifications can be processed in fast time.


We make great offers and compete constantly

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A little bit about our herbal oasis !


We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of fresh and dried herbs and spices of quality and high flavor
We are pleased to present ourselves as a prominent source of herbs and spices that meet the needs of customers around the world. Our company is dedicated to delivering high quality products that meet the needs and requirements of our valued customers

  • prices and dealsWe offer competitive prices and multiple options to meet customers' requirements.
  • Quality Commitment:We are committed to quality and reliability in all aspects of our business.
  • product qualityWe make sure to offer high quality herbs and spices to our customers.
  • Delivery and packagingWe offer fast and reliable delivery to all regions of the world.

We have over 37 years in local markets

We are experts in the field of herbs and spices

37years of experience
16Award winning
32Herbal and spice experts
2270Projects completed

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